Happiest Birthday to you Vin

Okay so happy birthday to the ‘original drama queen’, my travel partner and my sister…

How can I express my love for you honey,how can I tell in mere words how much you mean to me? Its nearly impossible but I’m going to try because I’m a #wannabewriter.

The drama you add in your expressions.The taglines you come up with #ethorulifeaadeithe. Your theories. Your genuine interest and the passion with which you speak of the things that pique your curiosity. The late night conversations. The stress you put me through while planning our trips. My being cold and your loving me despite that. The ease with which I can tell you all the things that muddle my head, and your actually listening to all of it. The philosophy; ‘all we need is for someone to acknowledge our existence’, ‘there should be dignity in all kinds labor’. The fact that we have only grown closer (like those people in the backseat of that rover) over the years. Your strength. The orbs on your forehead. Your new purple hair. Your candy cam filters. I love all of it and every single bit of you because you are just perfect my little sister.

So here is me wishing you all the happiness, all the success and all the smiles in this world. May God bless you with all that you may ever need and all that you may ever want. Be happyyyyyyyy Vinnnnnn…I love you tons and tons…XOXOXOXOXOXOXO….Muaaahhhhaaaa…


C’est la vie

8.07 am: She woke up from her slumber;to wish her friend a very happy birthday,to apologize for not keeping in touch,to make more plans that either of them would not be bothered to adhere to. But instead she heard of the accident that her fried had been in and promised to go meet her that day.

9.45 am: She got her first salary ,there wouldn’t be much left after paying the bills,but this was good. All those dreams of being the independent woman that she always wanted to be flashed in front of her eyes and a burst of emotions rushed through her. She took that therapeutic deep breath and relaxed.

10.22 am: She administered the local anesthesia for a patient  and the patient said it didn’t hurt.She mentally patted herself,”good job new girl”.

11.01 am: She ended up not going to the hospital to see her injured friend,because she didn’t know how to ask(permission).

11.45 am: Went to the bathroom. Discovered that she got her period that day,what an inconvenience,our bodies punishing us for not getting knocked up, said the irritated bleeding feminist in her.

1.00 pm: A familiar number flashed on her phone screen but an unfamiliar voice told her not to call or text again.she was flustered. It was definitely a prank. She was still flustered,so she cut the call and turned off her phone.

2.03 pm: Someone scolded her at work and she curled into a tiny little ball.took those medicinal deep breaths and marched on.

3.22 pm: She turned her phone back on, to see a billion missed calls.He says sorry, it was his sister and it was just a prank. Her worried heart calmed down, but she said,”I knew it was a prank all along”

4.47 pm: She cleaned someone’s teeth and they said it was great.She felt good, it was much needed.

6.00 pm: Her accident prone friend went home, so they never really met that day or later.

6.55 pm: Got dressed to meet her friends in the mall, ended up waiting for an eternity for a cab.By the time she reached everyone were just leaving.She was in all the group photos though.

8.59 pm: She was dancing with a friend, a boy, a boy who saw a princess in her, a princess she always wanted to be.So when the lights hit her face and she smiled her big fat smile,she pretended that she was the princess he thought she was.

10.52 pm: She had had too much to drink, so she asked the dog on the street to walk home with her, and it did walk her home.

11.59 pm: She went back home to her prankster boyfriend, who told her that he had gone to the church, confessed and taken the holy communion.

She looked at him wide eyed and asked, “Everything”?

And he replied, “Yes, everything”

“Even about me”?

He walked upto her dramatic, wide eyed face, kissed her and said,” You are not a sin”.

12.00 am: The end





You’ve lost your head

You said you lost your head and I should return it if I found it. I thought of all the places you could have lost it.

In between the lashes of my heavily blinking eyes…The skin on your hand where my fingers touched…The dresses you saw me in…The dust filled roads you awaited my arrival…The drama…The laughter…The Sun, the moon,the stars and the miracles…My lipstick stains on your coffee mugs and your cigarettes…My inebriation…The curve of my hips where you put your hands while we danced…The fire in my eyes that you tried to capture in your clenched fists…The smell of my perfume on your jacket…The lightening on your cheek…The chaos…The words I bring you back to life with…

I find your head in a million pieces all around me….You say you can take it, but can you?

When you became my Phil Dunphy

We all have that one person or that one thing that we run off to at the times of distress,those times when we are at our lowest point and we need some one to put the life back into our eyes and smiles back onto our lips. Well mine is ‘ Modern Family’ and since Phil is quite obviously the life of the ‘modern family’,he  by default claims the spot of my go to person when I’m all sad and depressed.And ever since I have discovered that I don’t need to be sad ever again, because why did I have to be sad, depressed or worried if I knew that something could make me feel better instantaneously, I have have hid myself behind the computer screen at the slightest hint of emotional discomfort.

So this went on for some time and I was perfectly happy with my magic drug and its unconventional method of action.Slowly slowly you began to ask me if I was feeling okay when I said I was watching the show,you had figured me out and I dint even know!!!So I never let you in on my sadness or my tears,I never though you’d care.I gave you all my smiles and I gave Phil all my tears,not because you asked me to but because my dysfunctional mind couldn’t understand that you were all in.

And one of these days  you asked me if I would come over to stay,I said okay,I told you all my problems and you listened till I fell asleep. Yesterday I found myself running to you because I was taxed and tired from work and I thought to myself,’you have become my Phil Dunphy’.





The men behind every women…

“Behind every successful man there is a woman”,pushing him forward when all he wants to do is give up.’Behind every successful woman there is a man’,pulling her down when she is at her best.

This is not about feminism or gender bias,this is an everyday situation in our soverign secular nation and maybe even in this great grand universe. From when did the women of this world become inferior to the men of this world;this world we share,equally,together. The matter of great grief is that the people who etch into our minds this feeling of inadequacy and insecurity are our own fathers,brothers and husbands.Knowingly or unknowingly we teach our girls that they are somehow not good enough!Simultaneously in  hushed tones we wisper to our boys that somehow(by mere anatomy maybe) they are far more superior than their mothers,sisters and wives.

Well this has to stop!! When your sons are free to roam the world, why aren’t your daughters? And if the women are unsafe on the streets because of the men, shouldn’t the men be restricted from moving around freely exploring and enjoying instead of caging and cajoling the women into a fictional inferior status? When our bodies are infected, we treat the cause ie we treat by eliminating  the cause of the infection. Our society is infected with this shameful, disgraceful disease for a many many years and it’s high time we treat the cause instead of treating the symptoms. Don’t stop your daughters from pursuing their dreams,teach your sons to be more respectful and responsible and not reproachful,of the women who are better than  them.

Gender equality is a necessity, not only in paper but also in the minds and mindsets of the men and women,fathers and mothers,brothers and sisters,husbands and wives;inhabiting this only earth that I have ever known….or will ever know!!

Puducherry diaries

Well,let me start by thanking my two munchkins in whose heads the idea of this trip materialized,I wouldn’t have made this trip if not for you guys and then obviously there would be no ‘Puducherry diaries’.So a big thank you to my dearest brother and sister,ye of the same blood,cheers to the good times. Sometimes wanting to express in words certain experiences or feelings can be very difficult or even elusive.This is one of those times,one I have wanted to write and immortalize ever since I got back from Puducherry. So that I can etch permanently into my memories with utmost clarity the love,the food, the sun,the water,the yellow buildings,the booze, Raj classic inn,Sharma travels, the puke face and everything else associated with this little Tamil and French speaking Union Territory of India.

The stories of the leafless trees on the way,the faraway wailing of the wind or that constant bead of sweat bejeweling our happy brows while we metamorphosis-ed into newer versions of our imperfect selves.Which one was it? What were our favorite moments? I wouldn’t be able to pick one,because everything matters,even the tiny little things…the dresses we wore,literally!!!….the sun, the sand, the beaches…the magic that  lead us to Auroville,the giant golden meditation ball which we couldn’t enter(isn’t time a tricky little thing?)…the good food,the constant thirst…the photos that live in our phones,that remind us every now and then of the good times….

You know I’m a Capricorn and I would have said, ” don’t be hasty ,lets make a plan”.I’m glad we did not plan forever.I’m glad we went to Puducherry.

Much love and a billion cheers to new beginnings.