You and I

It’s been a long time since I have heard your voice or seen your face, don’t misunderstand me, no I don’t miss our toxic togetherness. We created a world together, put in all our insecurities and our weaknesses and then some evil. We went ahead and called it love while our brains exploded with questions and doubts and uncertainty! ”Will this work?”, ”does he really love me?”Questions…words….flying all over the place….Our brains clattered with noises of those conversations that we had had and the arguments for the future. Enough was enough, we couldn’t do it anymore, you didn’t think it would work and finally I didn’t either. So we called it quits and went in opposite ways(well technically not, since we lived only a few minutes away),only so that you could get obsessed with me. Now you are saying that you know for sure that I’m the poison that you’d love to drink every single day for the rest of your life, that we could burn this world to the ground and play with the ashes while we stay high on the flames of our darkness and all I have to do is say ”yes”.


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