He was up before anyone in the neighbourhood, walking up slowly to the door, took the newspaper from the rack and picked up the milk. There would be no one around at this hour but his eyes searched for a familiar face. Closing the netted door behind him he slowly walked towards the kitchen counter. The newspaper dint seem to amuse him much,he knew it had nothing that could hold his attention. As he picked up the pan to make his milk,his hands shivered, he knew it was his body’s signal for his medication. Leaving the pan in the sink, he walked up to the Pill machine. He smiled as the machine pleasantly wished him a good morning while popping out his medicines. This was the only voice he heard all day, though it was not a real voice, he made it a point to wish it back.”Good Morning Pilly” he wished as he swallowed the red, yellow and green tablets. “Turn on the television please” he said to the silent room,as the smart home system moved the blinds and let the morning light in. The only reason he switched on th TV was to drive out the silence that had stayed around. 8 years now, the TV stayed on from the morning till the Smart Home turned it off at night. The news had pain and suffering,of which he had his share.The shows mocked the latest styles and icons, about which he knew nothing!

He took out the old dusting cloth from the kitchen cupboard and made it to the mantel alongside the window. He had set all his cameras there. From a DSLR to an Instax, it was all there. If these little eyes could re-live every moment they saw, he would have once again been the little boy who took pictures of trees for his friend. 


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