Midnight Madness

They had met a few weeks ago at a pub;when her friend,who was also his friend’s friend,visited. The conversations were going to be never ending, they didn’t know then!!!

March 2,2017

12.00am: She texted a birthday wish to him and said that she would like to wish him in voice when he is not busy. He called her, she wished him and they ‘spoke for hours and hours about sweet and sour’.

7.30am: She turned her alarm off and went back to sleep.

8.00am: Tossing and turning she willed herself to get out of bed, looked outside her room and she saw a beehive under construction. Smiled a little and thanked God for giving her the bees(that she always wanted).

8.45 am: There was a bee trapped in the room, she went and looked at it flutter around and eventually cease all movement and be completely still. It took her a few moments to comprehend that it had died in front of her eyes. A feeling of helpless washed all over her, she din’t understand anything, it was the first time she ‘saw’ something die.

9.00 am: She called to wake him up!(she just wanted to listen to the sound of his voice)

9.28 am: The last one of the myrade of her morning alarms rang and she ran down the stairs and marched to work.

10.41 am: She looked at her phone and blushed at the screen. Her colleague teased her.

11.15 am: Her dad surprised her and came to meet her. 

1.23 pm: Texted, ”lunched?”

2.45 pm: She panicked a little bit about what to wear that day for their date.

5.00 pm: Picked up a few(7) cupcakes for him. Talked to a friend and got late(as usual).

7.29 pm: She asked him to guess his gift and he remained clueless in the cutest way!! They had a few drinks(beer, wine and an LIT; specifically in that order)…They walked, laughed,saw the trees with leaves that shone like fluorescent bulbs, star gazed and she looked at him with suspicion when he said the brightest one was a planet!!

11.49 pm: He asked her for his birthday kiss. They kissed for the first  time and he whispered in her ear, ”I like you a lot”.

…..to be continued!


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