The news dilemma

When a friend of a friend asked if I could write a few pieces for their collage magazine, I was dumbstruck and had no idea what to write about. My mind had drawn a complete blank when he said I could write something about current politics. It had been forever since I had read or watched the news,so what could I have written about? But why did I have to write about something current and political for it to be relevant enough to be read? Too many questions plagued my mind,as usual.

Why did I stop reading/watching the news in the first place? Was it only because everything I read or saw was immensely sad,terrible and horrible? Like nothing happened in this world other than people killing each other in the name of religion and caste and what not; women being groped,molested,raped,tortured and killed(not necessarily in that order); countries waging war against each other for God alone knows what;or which celebrity was seen with whom and what they are doing in life(because that information is very very essential for our existance). Or was it because I realised that my knowing or not knowing of all these sad happenings did not in any way influence the outcome? A kind of coward move, you could say for argument’s sake. But how have those who do keep themselves updated on these everyday happenings changed this world? Like for example when the US of the A sent their troops to Iraq and turned it into a pile of rubble and murdered the people of that nation,under the guise of saving the world from an imminent nuclear attack,who stopped them? The whole world full of educated, uneducated, literate, illiterate, geniuses and idiots all alike just stood there and watched,because who could stop The Big Guy and risk getting beaten up. And of all those scientific achievements that we keep making,I am truly not a fan. Why try to find water on Mars, when you could easily preserve the resources on our own Earth? Or was it because I understand that all the news that we watch are adulterated;cooked,garnished and served to suit the needs of those Big Guys and their rich friends.

This is not advocating a ‘no news’ campaign. This is me urging for better journalism,better rulers and most importantly better human beings. This world is filled with immense beauty and it would just be a sin to spend our lifetimes polluting and corrupting and killing it and each other. 


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