The story of 5 cakes

Hellloooooo loveliessss!!!! Ummm… I mean, a big hello to all of you from this wannabe writer(who feels the need to write about every single thing coz that’s the only way she could be a real writer, eventually, one day, hopefully).But the story of five cakes is not a silly something I decided to emphasize on just so that I would get a piece of writing out of  it, they are things that made me so very happy and filled my heart with immense joy. So here goes the story of 5 cakes.
Cake 1:

The delivery boy waited outside the clinic with her cake and she knew it but she pretended like she didn’t(as best as she could). She said, ”Dr.M, you are acting very weird”. She was happy but not surprised. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, how could she explain that to the people who were trying to surprise her? Should she have pretended to be surprised? I don’t know and I’m still puzzled. But she was very very happy that there were people in her life who wished her all the happiness in this world and genuinely tried to keep the smile on her face.

Cake 2: 

Her sister was on the phone and said,”then we have to plan something”, so she pretended like she didn’t hear that. They went back home and her family pulled out a yellow little cake which said ‘Happy Birthday Ammukutty(without space)’. Well, again she wasn’t really surprised but then her nieces gave her lovely little drawings, scribbles and chocolate. Her heart filled with warmth and she was doing her dramatic ‘fake cry’  so that she wouldn’t actually end up crying(due to overjoy of course).

Cake 3:

On the morning of her birthday,her new roommate had just gotten back from home and asked her if she could help cut a cake,without having any clue that it was her birthday, she said yes and cut that cake. It amused her so very much,like what were the chances!!

Cake 4:

She had so many grown up plans for her ‘turning silver’ birthday like going to the bank and finishing up the grocery shopping. Instead she went to her cousin’s home(cousin who is more like a sister,except when she forgets to share major life changing details like when one of their sisters are pregnant and stuff like that), her sister said she would make her lunch and asked her to take something out from the oven. And there it was cake 4. She cut that cake and saw  all those colorful layers popping up, her heart leaped with child-like joy. They  were just watching TV  and being lazy when her sister asked if she would like to go for a walk, she said yes but she was somehow a little sacred because she had no clue what her sister was upto. Then she had a thought, maybe she didn’t like being surprised like she thought she did. so they walked around for a while and sat down eventually.

Sister: Do you want a leaf for your book?

She: That would be great!!

Sister: What about a photograph instead? (Pulls out a Polaroid camera )

She: *cries*

Cake 5:

She came back to her room and found out that her roommate had gone out to get her a cake. She was starting to feel like such a spoiled little brat!!! They sang happy birthday,she made a wish and blew the candles out and that was a wrap to ‘turning silver’.

Thank you to all the 5 cakes, their stories, the people who created these stories because they cared enough to try to create a smile.  It would not be possible to explain in words how much it means,how much happiness and warmth and joy it has created and how special it all felt. So thank you a million times. And to elusive big surprise that I missed, its okay, i dint really miss you in between all the ‘being happy’. Lots and lots of love…


Cake 6: A month and  10 days after her birthday there came cake no 6. It was totally unexpected and she thought it was unnecessary but then someone said,”we did not know you then”.To the warm feelings that never stopped with the end of the ‘birthday’,to friend’s friends who became friends and to the world that keeps the smile on my face…Thank you is not enough…But still thank you very very much!





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