Adios 2016…

To: 2016

How can I begin to bid you adieu when I’m still hung up over you?

 You kept pushing me forward,willing me to be the best version of myself that I could be!

You gave me my degree.It is also you who read all of the 816 pages of Anna Karenina to me,told me all the meanings of all those words I could not comprehend,walked me through the royal Russian streets and introduced me to Vronsky and Lenin and Karenin.You were there by my side when I wrote all the things I wrote lamenting the frustration of having to be away from the centre of my world. And you were there when my sister got married. You were with me being puzzled whenever I had to make an important decision (but I obviously couldn’t ask anyone for help #cozigotproblems). You held my super sweaty hands for my first job interview and led me through all the questions while I was crumbling into a pile of nervousness. You took me for vaccations. You gave me a  sister. You taught me a million things and you protected me. You cried with me for all those silly things that hurt me and empathised with the fact that I can still not get over the loss of my grandmother,its been 2 years,maybe I never will. You are in all the photographs being my smile and in  all the memories being the nostalgic fondness.

I can’t say bye, so in my mere vile human capacity  let me hope against hope that I will see you again. Cheers to better times. I’ll miss you,till I see you.

Loads and loads of love,



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