Happiest Birthday to you Vin

Okay so happy birthday to the ‘original drama queen’, my travel partner and my sister…

How can I express my love for you honey,how can I tell in mere words how much you mean to me? Its nearly impossible but I’m going to try because I’m a #wannabewriter.

The drama you add in your expressions.The taglines you come up with #ethorulifeaadeithe. Your theories. Your genuine interest and the passion with which you speak of the things that pique your curiosity. The late night conversations. The stress you put me through while planning our trips. My being cold and your loving me despite that. The ease with which I can tell you all the things that muddle my head, and your actually listening to all of it. The philosophy; ‘all we need is for someone to acknowledge our existence’, ‘there should be dignity in all kinds labor’. The fact that we have only grown closer (like those people in the backseat of that rover) over the years. Your strength. The orbs on your forehead. Your new purple hair. Your candy cam filters. I love all of it and every single bit of you because you are just perfect my little sister.

So here is me wishing you all the happiness, all the success and all the smiles in this world. May God bless you with all that you may ever need and all that you may ever want. Be happyyyyyyyy Vinnnnnn…I love you tons and tons…XOXOXOXOXOXOXO….Muaaahhhhaaaa…



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