When you became my Phil Dunphy

We all have that one person or that one thing that we run off to at the times of distress,those times when we are at our lowest point and we need some one to put the life back into our eyes and smiles back onto our lips. Well mine is ‘ Modern Family’ and since Phil is quite obviously the life of the ‘modern family’,he  by default claims the spot of my go to person when I’m all sad and depressed.And ever since I have discovered that I don’t need to be sad ever again, because why did I have to be sad, depressed or worried if I knew that something could make me feel better instantaneously, I have have hid myself behind the computer screen at the slightest hint of emotional discomfort.

So this went on for some time and I was perfectly happy with my magic drug and its unconventional method of action.Slowly slowly you began to ask me if I was feeling okay when I said I was watching the show,you had figured me out and I dint even know!!!So I never let you in on my sadness or my tears,I never though you’d care.I gave you all my smiles and I gave Phil all my tears,not because you asked me to but because my dysfunctional mind couldn’t understand that you were all in.

And one of these days  you asked me if I would come over to stay,I said okay,I told you all my problems and you listened till I fell asleep. Yesterday I found myself running to you because I was taxed and tired from work and I thought to myself,’you have become my Phil Dunphy’.






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