The men behind every women…

“Behind every successful man there is a woman”,pushing him forward when all he wants to do is give up.’Behind every successful woman there is a man’,pulling her down when she is at her best.

This is not about feminism or gender bias,this is an everyday situation in our soverign secular nation and maybe even in this great grand universe. From when did the women of this world become inferior to the men of this world;this world we share,equally,together. The matter of great grief is that the people who etch into our minds this feeling of inadequacy and insecurity are our own fathers,brothers and husbands.Knowingly or unknowingly we teach our girls that they are somehow not good enough!Simultaneously in  hushed tones we wisper to our boys that somehow(by mere anatomy maybe) they are far more superior than their mothers,sisters and wives.

Well this has to stop!! When your sons are free to roam the world, why aren’t your daughters? And if the women are unsafe on the streets because of the men, shouldn’t the men be restricted from moving around freely exploring and enjoying instead of caging and cajoling the women into a fictional inferior status? When our bodies are infected, we treat the cause ie we treat by eliminating  the cause of the infection. Our society is infected with this shameful, disgraceful disease for a many many years and it’s high time we treat the cause instead of treating the symptoms. Don’t stop your daughters from pursuing their dreams,teach your sons to be more respectful and responsible and not reproachful,of the women who are better than  them.

Gender equality is a necessity, not only in paper but also in the minds and mindsets of the men and women,fathers and mothers,brothers and sisters,husbands and wives;inhabiting this only earth that I have ever known….or will ever know!!


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