Puducherry diaries

Well,let me start by thanking my two munchkins in whose heads the idea of this trip materialized,I wouldn’t have made this trip if not for you guys and then obviously there would be no ‘Puducherry diaries’.So a big thank you to my dearest brother and sister,ye of the same blood,cheers to the good times. Sometimes wanting to express in words certain experiences or feelings can be very difficult or even elusive.This is one of those times,one I have wanted to write and immortalize ever since I got back from Puducherry. So that I can etch permanently into my memories with utmost clarity the love,the food, the sun,the water,the yellow buildings,the booze, Raj classic inn,Sharma travels, the puke face and everything else associated with this little Tamil and French speaking Union Territory of India.

The stories of the leafless trees on the way,the faraway wailing of the wind or that constant bead of sweat bejeweling our happy brows while we metamorphosis-ed into newer versions of our imperfect selves.Which one was it? What were our favorite moments? I wouldn’t be able to pick one,because everything matters,even the tiny little things…the dresses we wore,literally!!!….the sun, the sand, the beaches…the magic that  lead us to Auroville,the giant golden meditation ball which we couldn’t enter(isn’t time a tricky little thing?)…the good food,the constant thirst…the photos that live in our phones,that remind us every now and then of the good times….

You know I’m a Capricorn and I would have said, ” don’t be hasty ,lets make a plan”.I’m glad we did not plan forever.I’m glad we went to Puducherry.

Much love and a billion cheers to new beginnings.




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