Wake up with a smile

My dad wakes me up every morning, its just that I like to sleep or rather oversleep. So after my dad pushes me off the bed,I struggle to keep my eyes open and  search my phone to find something to read. For a few weeks it was Facebook, then I got an app that gave news in 60 words, which was rather  depressing because everything I read was kind of bad news.I ricocheted between FB and inShorts,and out of the blue she came and showed me her blog. It is funny I used to look at the blogs and think how can someone write random stuff? As she shared each post with me, I started reading and even writing a little. I was happy to wake up. I knew i had something to read, something new to look forward to every morning. Well she knew that too….So today morning her draft started with my name and a good morning. Inadvertently smiled. Its not that my mornings are not happy,but now I smile! Today I woke up with a smile,its good you know. Roads seem better, people smile back and you realize you have a beautiful life.And  my parents are convinced that I hit my head some where….but it’s all her,the Princess, who says good morning in blog drafts and loves herself too much to add this line while editing!!!! Whoooopppppsss….Good day  to all….


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