The Writers Reflection

I was having what many would say is a “writers block”. I dint know what to write. But then I realized I can write anything,there were  no restrictions and nothing to stop me. And there i had a topic- “writers block”. So I sat down on my office chair with a cup of tea  and  a warm piece of sandwich. I realized  that the reason I write and continue to write was my friend and my editor for most of my post. She had not been herself for sometime now. Maybe that was the reason for my ‘block’, there were no discussions. I think fairly faster than my own mind can comprehend, so having a person to discuss my thoughts and slow down  the thought process to jot down the ideas they poured out was my friend’s job. So i guess that is the reason. I know i have to continue writing  just that the absence of those discussions render me the fuzzy images of my thoughts, like looking out of a train window. In short , I need to see my reflection, slowly, so as to comprehend every stray  thought and write it down for her to make it readable and beautiful. I need that, i need to look at my reflection to groom my writing.


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