The trees that look greener.

When I look out of my bedroom window, I see the lush green branches of a Gulmohar,not yet laden with its characteristic red flowers.I see it everyday.In the mornings,when I wake up and rush off to work; in the evenings when I return home; and some nights when there is nothing else to do but look outside and brainstorm with the leaves of the big tree.Never once did I attach any significance or the idea of beauty to this tree, it’s leaves or its obvious flowers of flames that I hadn’t seen yet!

But as I woke up and gazed out, emeralds hung from the branches,shining, blinding me with its green glorious beauty. The sun came out from its hiding place and showered all His light on the tree,lighting it’s beautiful green leaves furthermore. When did the tree turn into this beauty? Well it was always…only i did not have the eyes to see it….To the trees that turn greener in a day,thank you for sharing with me your immense,priceless beauty.


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