She walks alone

She was transplanted to an old pot amongst new flowers.While she was away, at a place she once called home, she longed with all her heart to return to her nest.And now she was finally back,same old place but with all new people,feeling strange and desolate in her own skin.

Things had changed,ofcourse. She was growing up,trying to be the independant woman she always wanted to be,standing on her own legs.But the things that made her heart dance,she could no longer see.All she saw were the sihouettes of approaching vehicles and passing people,if she ever looked up from her phone screen where she hid herself from the rest of the world.As her favourite songs sang in her ears, she walked the distance faster and faster everyday thinking of the times when walking was always fun.She missed the places she walked and the  people she walked with,but she missed herself the most.

Things would change,ofcourse.She will eventually grow up, and learn to love the passing silhouettes and maybe even to look up and see the trees and hear the birds singing.Untill then she walks alone,all alone!


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