Tourist I want to be!

Tourist I want to be, everywhere every time. I have seen people change as I changed from a visitor to a resident. But when i was tourist everything was nice and sweet, people thought i was getting thin cause i dint eat my greens, now they say i eat too much. I just want to stay a tourist wherever i go and be, even in people’s hearts and mind, so i dint change from caring softy to an annoying irritation. To stay in a place to settle down is a thing but to be a tourist and to be good and happy to all, even if its for a lesser time seems beautiful thought. Even ideas are better as tourists in our mind, when ideas are fresh and new we think, we are happy to see them blossom and every day is new dream with these ideas. As we dwell over them, we think we rethink,let other think and then visitors become residents, annoying irritations that has to be dealt with.

All said and done only, when residents are talked to and annoying irritations are dealt do they , some random residents become family and irritating thoughts become millions dollar projects.



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