A Stranger’s shadow

The only relief in my monotonous and endless life are a few hours with my friends at their shabby yet lively and loud two bedrooms flat. I always wonder how  there are no beds, just sheets and a few pillows, but when we lie down we could sleep till the end of time; it’s just that we don’t want to sleep or stop the never ending chatter and the on-going fun. We cook the simplest of recipes yet there always is a special flavor.
But yesterday was different from all that. We headed out for a small grocery and midnight snack shopping trip. One such journey that created a memory we talk about less and think more of now. As usual I stayed in the car while my friend went to buy the stuff; I looked out and I saw a jagged shadow approaching me, he asked me if I could drop him at the next stop, no pleasantries were exchanged. Childhood teachings and training about strangers initiated my reflex answer, “I am going in the other direction”. Like the first time there was no chit-chat, he continued walking past my car. As I saw him walk away, I had a random thought that I should help him. I called my friend and asked him to come back to the car and drove towards the stranger. Again there was no talking, we gestured to him that we were going in his direction and would drop him, without a word he entered the car. I could barely see his face, but I noticed that he was old and weak. As we were driving away I asked him where he wanted to go, he replied with the just the name of the place. The mono syllables piqued our curiosity and my friend asked the stranger why he was here at this time of the night. this was the first and last time I  heard a complete sentence from the old man; He said he had worked as a security for a building and that he had lost his job because he left the building to drink water and its owner showed up! My friend and I remained silent. We dropped him off and came back, neither of us talked about it after that. A shadow and a story is all I have of that man.
To all the tangled thoughts in my head a new one is added. Every one we see around has a story; a security, a shop keeper, everyone. Here I have a story about a person, but all I remember about him is his jagged shadow and frail old voice.


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